Joan Brassil's second solo exhibition at Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery.

Exhibition Dates: 4 October – 22 October 1983

Stranger in a Landscape

Harmony and rhythms,

Earth decisions,

Mythologies of survival,

in an arid land.

Nomadic tools,

a stick, a stone,

Reduced forests,

toughened and dry. 

Soft-footed animals,

leave plant undisturbed, 

Tread softly for survival

in this land.

With voyages of discovery,

come migrations and exiles, 

New decisions, with alien


A landscape migration,

of Druid Oak and Elm, 

horns and hooves 

grasses and grains

A Primal Australis

challenged and changed.

A migration of the written word,

a cursive line,

memory transferred,

A silent migration,

an ancestral web.

The stranger is the memory

that does not apply. 

Strange visions, 

the new ciphers 

altering perception.

Time makes rhythms 

for Earth decisions,

and visions, 



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