John Adair's first solo exhibition at Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery.

Exhibition Dates: 18 September – 12 October 1996

Geographically my work is formed, architecturally my work is built, out of the Bondi Beach landscape; a composite of land, sea, and sky (a simplification of ones immediate landscape). Personal projections and reflections are simply told and reduced into the picture.

These images have been drawn from the presence of the ocean, the desert, human relationships: of one to the other, day and night, internal and external. The visual seeks to yield the viewer into the deeper calling of our lives.

These paintings are about the empty space, that space that is between us, the personal witness that this space has over our commitment to the other (to each other).

John Adair
September 1996

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John Adair Studio - Bondi, 1996; aluminium and enamel; 150 x 250 cm; enquire
Studio - Bondi, 1996
aluminium and enamel
150 x 250 cm
John Adair Double Sea/Double Sky, 1996; aluminium and enamel; 210 x 135 cm; enquire
Double Sea/Double Sky, 1996
aluminium and enamel
210 x 135 cm
John Adair True (Days of Awe), 1995; aluminium and enamel; 210 x 150 cm; enquire
True (Days of Awe), 1995
aluminium and enamel
210 x 150 cm
John Adair Double Sea, 1996; aluminium and enamel; 200 x 150 cm; enquire
Double Sea, 1996
aluminium and enamel
200 x 150 cm
John Adair Image of Betrothal, 1996; aluminium and enamel; 180 x 120 cm; enquire
Image of Betrothal, 1996
aluminium and enamel
180 x 120 cm
John Adair Interior (Luke's Bed), 1996; aluminium and enamel; 190 x 140 cm; enquire
Interior (Luke's Bed), 1996
aluminium and enamel
190 x 140 cm