Relic II, 2024
bread and burnt book
25 x 22 x 20 cm

Fiona Hall's bread sculptures, such as this work Relic II, embody Hall’s ongoing exploration of societal themes through the medium of bread. This sculpture is a striking portrayal of Vladimir Putin's head crafted entirely from bread, placed atop a charred book. In contrast to Relic I, which focused on the transience of power through a replica of King Charles's crown, Relic II delves into contemporary political iconography with a bold and provocative statement. By rendering Putin's likeness in bread, Hall confronts the viewer with the fragility and impermanence of authoritarian rule, making reference to the shifting tides of power and the potential for downfall. The placement of Putin's bread head atop a charred book suggests, perhaps, the destruction of knowledge or the suppression of dissent under authoritarian regimes.