Relic I, 2024
bread, nails and burnt book
35 x 25 x 25 cm

Fiona Hall's bread sculptures, such as this work Relic I, embody Hall’s ongoing exploration of societal themes through the medium of bread. In a departure from her previous works, which depicted catastrophic events and geopolitical turmoil using bread as a symbol of fragility and impermanence, Relic I focuses on the symbolic representation of power and its transience. 

This particular sculpture is a meticulous replica of the crown worn by King Charles during his coronation in 2023, fastidiously crafted from bread with nails embedded in its base. This juxtaposition of regal symbolism with the perishable nature of bread underscores the ephemeral nature of power and authority. Placed atop a charred book, this work evokes a sense of historical narrative and the passage of time, perhaps drawing attention to the cyclical nature of empires and the inevitable decay of grandeur. Hall's latest series of bread works continue to demonstrate her mastery in transforming mundane materials into profound musings on the complexities of human existence, challenging viewers to confront the intricate interplay between history, power, and mortality.

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