Dance Little Lady (a), 1994-00
from the series Dance Little Lady
56 x 70 cm; 76 x 90 cm (paper size), set of 4 images
Edition of 15

Dance little lady takes its title from a Tina Charles disco hit. If you know the disco standard with its insistently joyful tone, ‘Dance little lady dance’, becoming something more sinister–‘you know you only got one chance’–and desperate–‘so come on Dance Dance Dance Dance’–then Destiny’s dancing lady is more than a doll that’s black, plastic and sporting a t-shirt of the Aboriginal flag. Dance little lady eludes fixed readings. The doll acts out a female Aboriginal experience speaking of hidden cruelty, and the need to perform for an audience. It also offers salvation; to dance is to find your own beat and your own freedom. Destiny loves music.

Installation view; Destiny Deacon Dance Little Lady (a), 1994-00; from the series Dance Little Lady; Photograph; 56 x 70 cm; 76 x 90 cm (paper size), set of 4 images; Edition of 15; enquire
Installation view