Untitled (SCFNCWIGU), 2023
oil, watercolour, archival glue on screenprint on paper mounted on canvas
113 x 76.5 cm

Inside the lush green foliage depicted in this painting, is a path through the jungle that leads to a water hole, taking you back in time to the artist's childhood. This is an area of Cairns, North Queensland where Daniel grew up. It depicts the landscape from the Daniel's childhood from when he was around 10 years old. When Daniel was last staying in Cairns he brought his three daughters to this area. The basis of the work depicts the landscape from his past that he wanted to share with his family, bringing his history to present time. This personal connection to his history, family and country land allows an access point to the difficult meanings associated with land and indigenous history in Australia, inherently providing a way through which to view colonisation and landscape. The blurred image and dabs of translucent lenses never allow you to have complete access to this image of the land and its history. 

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