Del Kathryn Barton’s first solo show in three years is an oeuvre of epic proportions. Significant and symbolic, these works represent distinct periods of creative intensity that have produced countless works. Featuring never-before-seen artworks from 2009 – 2022, these modern artefacts parallel the artists acclaimed forays in film, sculpture, fine art and written word; an overflow of creative contemplation and expression.

As the organ of sight, the window to the soul, and an apparatus for immersion and appraisal, the eye of the beheld and the beholder merge in the artist’s inimitable gaze. With titles like listening eyes - singing eyes, brutally soft, eye fucking love you and dream the living, we see intimate confessions of love, bold expressions of desire, cool regard, and deep beauty as the artist delves the dichotomies of life.

Kinetic lines bristle and buckle on the surface. Vivid technicolour and chiaroscuro monochromes flesh out their form. Pulsating or composed, sparse or charged with detail, the curation is immense and immersive. Included in the collection are three solid timber sculptural shells, and a limited edition of Skupa gallery benches, all meticulously inlaid with Barton’s signature eye in Mother of Pearl, Cambian Ash and Rock Maple.

This is one of Australia’s leading artists in her full creative and feminine power.

—Naomi Tosic, 2022

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