2 March – 24 March 2001

Jenny Watson's exhibition further continues her exploration into personal interior space by utilising formal and conceptual techniques and theories.

Through her use of self-portraiture, Watson places herself into everyday situations. These made extraordinary through her uncompromising use of colour and narrative.

While Watson's canvases have over the years, become minimal in style, they continue to be laden with meaning. Her sensual horsetails of 1992 echoed in her later simple image of a leaping horse, flying into the face of masculine adversity.

Watson has always combined irony and poignancy to illustrate her viewpoint, at times menacing and at other times wistful. Utilising a knowledge of art practices with seeming abandon, Watson is able to produce uncomfortable works that sit somewhere between a steep cliff and a comfortable bed.

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Jenny Watson currently divides her time between Melbourne, Brisbane, Europe and New York. She has studied at the National Gallery of Victoria Art School, Melbourne and the State College of Victoria, Melbourne.

Jenny Watson was the Australian representative in the 1993 Venice Biennale and has been the recipient of numerous awards and prizes. Her works are exhibited and held in collections within Australia, USA, Europe and Japan.

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