20 July – 12 August 2000

Tracey Moffatt Invocations #7, 2000, photo silkscreen, 146 x 122 cm, edition of 60

Tracey Moffatt's new series of work, Invocations, is a return to the large scale format and rich colour of her earlier classic work, Something More. The work, a series of 13 photo-silkscreen images shot in New York, utilises elaborate sets and actors to create a world of fantasy and high drama. Young children, hooded crones, dogs and twisted trees suggest any number of films and storybooks, and the actions moves between forest and desert—with no concern for continuitylike a dream.

The works are grand in scale and execution, and with their dramatic composition and richness of colour are reminiscent of Old Master paintings. The mood is dark, with elements of fairytale and Deep South storytelling, and Moffat's trademark humour shines through in subtle and unexpected ways. Yet again, Moffatt has created a hermetic universe that defies easy description, but rewards the viewer with endless interpretive possibilities.

Showing in conjunction with Invocations is Artist, a video collaboration between Moffatt and Gary Hillberg. The artist cliches of almost a century of film are hilariously brought together to create a rapid-fire montage of misrepresentations, stereotypes, and telling portrayals. 

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