Group Show

15 September – 14 October 2016

Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery is delighted to present a group show by Bill Culbert, Dale Frank, Jim Lambie, TV Moore, Callum Morton, Michael Parekowhai and Gareth Sansom.

This exhibition showcases pieces by some of the gallery’s most distinguished contemporary artists. The works on display push the edges of materiality, spanning painting, sculpture and video. Dale Frank continues on his quest to lead painting into an extended space – these works are pared back and elegant. Frank’s works look deceptively simple but they are masterful in their application of non-conventional materials. Bill Culbert’s medium is light. The everyday is illuminated in these works. His use of light encourages the viewer to witness the sublime and deep beauty possible in the ordinary. Jim Lambie’s works in this show are a manipulation of space and form, as though he were drawing in other planes of existence. There is optimism in the representation of space and energy. Callum Morton’s Cover Up #26 (2016), draws on the sculptural tradition, the history of the plinth and notions of concealment. This work prompts the viewer to ask what is being covered up. Gareth Sansom’s Bliss (2010), is like taking a walk through art history with its multiple painterly expressions and TV Moore’s Tripasso in Wackyland (2014), is a Disneyesque series of tragicomedies. Michael Parekowhai’s They Comfort Me III (2014), is a sculpture that playfully draws on childhood associations with toys. By playing with scale these forms become almost magisterial and totemic.

Kate Alstergren

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