15 November – 25 November 1995

Fashion, Decor, Interior highlights aspects of advertising, mass production and architectural design in the work of three Melbourne artists.

Lyndal Walker adopts the techniques of advertising and retail display to examine the glamour and banality of shopping. Her fashion objects, photographs and advertising artefacts celebrate and critique the contrived sophistication and prestige of designer products.

Tony Clark combines decorative design with organic form in his exploration of Wedgwood patterns, architectural motifs and sixties sculpture. Relating to aspects of the history of style and taste, such as eighteenth-century Jasperware and items from auction catalogues, his paintings and murals address the role of artworks as mass-produced images, as decor.

Stephen Bram uses the formulae of geometry and perspective to create impossible architectural interiors in two and three dimensions. Abstract paintings depict the surfaces of voids that converge to contradictory points. His minimalist floor sculptures are realisations of an invisible three-point perspective volume conceived within the gallery.

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