Look out!, 2009
'The offender visits city hotels for the purpose of meeting others of his own type + takes them to his home.'
from the series Gazette
inkjet print from digital image on archival paper
60 x 80 cm (image size) 81 x 105 cm (paper size)
Edition of 5 + 2 APs

In 2009 Deacon produced the series Gazette. These now eerily familiar scenes appear like vignettes, offering windows into lives of those living inside Melbourne’s public housing towers. Recent scenes from the news are echoed in Arrears windows, which shows Deacon’s collection of black and brown dolls crammed into yellow plastic tubs. The series draws attention to the individual lives and struggles of residents within these buildings, while also reminding viewers of the often-overcrowded conditions these residents live in. Each image brings to light Deacon’s idiosyncratic take on current global and national events with her semi-autobiographical edge.

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