Border patrol, 2006
from the series Totemistical
lightjet print from Polaroid original
80 x 100 cm
Edition of 8 + 2 APs

Over the years Deacon has amassed a considerable collection of Koori Kitsch. In her own words, she has been rescuing Koori Kitsch ‘since forever’. Deacon’s Border Patrol presents a white dolly laying on top of a Koori Kitsch tea towel. The work offers insight into the complicated relationship Aboriginal people have with Aboriginalia while also challenging the arrival of Europeans to the Australian continent under the fictional doctrine of Terra Nullius. The Aboriginal figures which appear on the tea towel are interspersed amongst plants and animals, a juxtaposition which highlights persistent negative stereotypes that began in the nineteenth century which likened Aboriginal people tou202fflorau202fandu202ffauna. 

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