Infinite Herbarium Morphosis #1-6, 2021
Full HD six channel video, with sound, 28.35 minutes loop
Edition of 8 + 2 AP

Sound: Theodore Wohng

Caroline Rothwell’s Infinite Herbarium Morphosis, made in collaboration with Google Creative Lab is a series of six, 28 minute HD video works where generative AI, historical botanical imagery, plant classification and machine-learning combined to create new species of morphing botanical forms.

Infinite Herbarium showed in 2021 as a large-scale projection at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia as part of The National 2021: New Australian Art curated by Rachel Kent; concurrently at The Calyx, Royal Botanical Gardens Sydney. Recently they were curated into Beyond at Melbourne Art, the installation sector, curated by Emily Cormack

Made in collaboration with Google Creative Lab

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