Untitled #22, 2007-08
CL SH592 N24
type C photograph
127 x 180 cm
Edition of 5 + AP 2

In this work taken from the archives, a trailing road to nowhere becomes representational of withheld information as we are conditioned by an acute contrast of light and dark. Tuning in on this idea of inoperative information, Henson said, "Sometimes I think that every picture is simply a fragment from some larger image, the precise nature of which I cannot see, and that this image will never arrive at completion. Of course, the thing which most interests you is that sensing of an image which is always disappearing around the bend in front of you. Something that is powerfully apprehended but not fully understood."

installation view; Bill Henson Untitled #22, 2007-08; CL SH592 N24; type C photograph; 127 x 180 cm; Edition of 5 + AP 2; enquire
installation view